Barton International

Trade Show Display and Exhibit Panel graphics designed by Blass Marketing of Albany NY

The global leader in garnet abrasives

Trade Show Display Panel Design

Trade show exhibits and other displays are another opportunity for a effective and consistent brand experience. With our experience in trade show display design, our focus is the booth’s attention getting power to attract the potential client or customer walking down the aisle. Our marketing goal: draw them in and deliver messages that can encourage engagement.

The same branding goals also apply to display graphics, such as pull-up banners, for office environments in corporate locations, meetings, and sponsorships. No matter the location, no matter the size of audience, every outward-facing element should reflect the brand consistently.

Blass Marketing created and executed the brand look and feel for Barton International. The above shows brand application in a trade show display that effectively positions leadership and dovetails with the full gamut of communication elements from outbound promotion to product packaging, sales and technical sheets, web, videos and case studies.

Barton -- client of Blass Marketing for Trade Show Displays and marketing materials.

“Barton has worked with Blass for over a decade. They have always been very flexible and responsive to our needs—which have changed considerably over the last 10 years. Our brand is presented in a more professional manner with consistent messaging across our markets. The level of marketing expertise that they provide is invaluable to me.”

Joyce W.
Marketing Manager
Barton International