Logo Design

  • Fingar Insurance -- Logo Design by Blass Marketing
  • Boyd Technologies -- Logo Design by Blass Marketing
  • Columbia County Tourism -- Logo Design by Blass Marketing
  • IntegraOptics -- Logo Design by Blass Marketing
  • First Light -- Logo Design by Blass Marketing
  • Capital Region Urology -- Logo Design by Blass Marketing

Clever, clean creative shapes, memorable monograms, innovative icons.

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, and that is certainly true when it comes to logo design. Logos communicate ideas and are key to establishing brand identity. They represent the quality products or services a company wants to be known for, and they create a positive first impression in your customer’s mind.

An effective logo is a distinctive graphic that conveys an intended message. A logo should be simple, memorable, enduring, versatile and scalable.

We work hard to stay up to date with the latest trends in design and embrace the challenge of incorporating the essence of your organization into a single graphic. Our Inspiration can come from anything, anywhere but is driven by your brand and reflects your company’s personality.

Fingar Insurance Logo designed by Blass Marketing

“Fingar Insurance was founded in 1931 and carries our family name, so when it came time to update our graphic identity and website it was an important project. The team at Blass Marketing created a fresh new logo design that also allowed us to carry over the legacy of our existing identity. Then they created a vastly expanded website that provides potential clients with valuable information about the insurance products and services that we offer in a user friendly, easy to navigate site that supports our brand.  I would recommend Blass Marketing to my best friends…even my wife!”

Mark Fingar
Vice President, Fingar Insurance