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μFlux 3D Illustration and Animation

Enhance your marketing strategy. 3D renderings and illustrations give viewers an eye-catching view of a product or process that enhances the perception of your company and product. 3D renderings give your customer the ability to view your product from many angles, inside or outside, and to better understand how it functions even long before it is in production.

We can produce true life like realism to illustrate your products at their best. There will always be a need for great product photography – but there are also reasons to choose 3D illustration instead. 3D product renderings offer unlimited flexibility. Changing product labels, even the product itself, are just a mouse click away. In addition, there are many products that are just not photo-friendly due to how the product is manufactured. 3D illustration provides clean, clear “hero” shots of your product.

The Blass Marketing creative team is expert in animation and 3D illustration. Our team can work from CAD files or from a simple pencil sketch to create a “working model” of your product for your sales team and various media.

Pion - 3d illustration of process for marketing sales tool

“We had a difficult story to tell with our latest in-situ measurement system, µFLUX. The pieces by themselves just didn’t sell the technology. Blass recreated the part with computer 3D illustration that, when animated, enables us to show exactly what the system does and how it is assembled. It is the single best product demo we have.”

Dave Kwajewski
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Pion Inc.